www.NHYardSale.com is owned by Brandon Seppala and Jonn Kutyla. Both of us are just your “average joes” trying to make the world a better place. I had the idea for the website over a year ago and approached Jonn with it. Jonn immediately saw the need for it and we began our journey to where we are today. We realize that we still have a lot of work to do and we are hoping to work together with the community to make this site a household name. The main idea behind the site is to link people’s Facebook profile to a listing and to have all yard sale listings in one place on one website. (Right now I am a member of about 30 Facebook yard sale groups, just in NH! And we believe it is just too many sites and it is too scrambled about)

I Brandon Seppala own a small business, ProVision Exteriors Inc. www.provisionexteriors.com and I have been in business for about 11 years. Mainly my company provides vinyl siding, window and door installations, but recently I have branched out to include rough framing of houses from the ground up.

Jonn Kutyla owns a small business as well, PiXate Creative www.pixatecreative.com. Jonn’s company specializes in 3d renderings, graphic design, website design, and a few other computer related services.

A brief overview of what www.NHYardSale.com is:

NH YardSale is basically a combination of the three main websites that people use to sell their stuff online. We believe that we have found a way to eliminate some of the respective drawbacks of each site as well as incorporate some of the successes of each one.


The following are just a few reasons www.NHYardSale.com was created:

NH YardSale vs Craigslist:


vs Ebay:


vs Facebook groups:



Disclaimer: Although NH YardSale Inc. believes the above statements to be true, NH YardSale Inc. cannot guarantee the above expressed “benefits” of using our site to be 100% true all the time. All buyers and sellers assume any and all risk involved with using the site. It is the users’ sole responsibility to calculate the actual benefits and potential risks of using www.nhyardsale.com and to make their own decision as to the actual value the use of the site provides to them. The above is just a partial list of assumed benefits, these benefits are not guaranteed and are subject in whole and in part to NH YardSale Inc.’s Terms of Use agreement.


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